On Thursday, 23 January, a round table on the future of prefabricated construction was held at KIEXC, Škofja Loka, Slovenia in connection with Knauf Insulation solutions. It was attended by over 40 specialists from 12 European countries, belonging to various sectors, related to prefabricated construction.

The event was hosted by Dr. Saša Bavec, Group Marketing Director, stating in his opening speech that Knauf Insulation is well aware of the importance of this type of construction in the future, which is why we are determined to support this industry as best we can with our solutions. The participants were also welcomed and addressed by Knauf Insulation CEO, Mr. Jean-Claude Carlin.

The discussion began with climate change as a new opportunity for sustainable construction where prefabricated, modular and frame construction has an important place due to its exceptional advantages in terms of sustainability criteria. Many best practices in prefabricated construction projects in direction of sustainability were presented, both for new buildings with trends of near zero energy, as well as for attractive complete renovation projects with prefabricated construction. In the second part, Knauf Insulation introduced its customised solutions for prefabricated construction and their advantages in terms of energy efficiency, fire safety, acoustic insulation and sustainability. The event also featured the prefabricated modular solutions by Knauf.
Based on the presented statistics and surveys from the European market, the participants shared statement that the reputation of prefabricated construction has significantly improved in the past few decade, that this type of construction is achieving a high level of quality and is becoming increasingly advanced and appreciated, showing a great potential due to its excellent sustainable properties. Time will tell whether the argument presented by one of the participants is true, claiming that prefabricated construction will be the only acceptable construction we will be able to afford in the future.

Nevertheless, all participants agreed that this type of construction will become increasingly important in the market of all types of buildings. This is why it is very important that we proceed even more intensively to develop appropriate solutions for prefabricated construction.