KIEXC recived Platinum DGNB Certificate

We are so proud to inform you that today, on 16th January 2019, KI Experience Center Slovenia has received the highest possible recognition by the DGNB - DGNB Certificate in Platinum.

KI Experience Center

Regional Center for sustainable construction

We deserve better buildings

Knauf Insulation among the pioneers of sustainable construction

KI Experience Center

Regional Center for sustainable construction


Regional Center for sustainable construction

Knauf Insulation Experience Center (KIEXC) is a case study of sustainable construction on the European level. The building itself was designed from the very beginning to demonstrate our pioneering approach to the future of sustainable construction.

The center operates as regional demonstration and training center, where we show our most innovative insulation solutions and examples of good practices of our partners in the area of sustainable construction.


About the Center

Brochure about the center

Sustainable building

We spend almost 90% of our time in buildings. They have a significant impact on our health, well-being, performance and safety. At the same time, buildings are a major consumer of energy, materials, they have environmental impacts and are expensive to maintain.

Sustainable building is one of the most effective ways of improving our lives and protecting the environment. It can effectively contribute to achieving globalsustainable goals such as climate change, the creation of sustainable and prosperous communities and the promotion of economic growth.

The benefits of sustainable building are environmental, social and economic. It is therefore very important to build and renew sustainably.

More about sustainable construction


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The importance of the Center for society

  • Vincent Briard

    Sustainability and Product Regulatory Affairs Director, Knauf Insulation
  • Saša Golonja

    Head of Construction Division Spatial Planning, Construction and Housing Directorate at the Slovenian Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning
  • Barbara Hafner

    Marketing Director, Construction Slovenia & Public Relations System Division, Knauf Insulation
  • Robert Smodiš

    DGNB Assessor
  • Josefina Lindblom

    Josefina Lindblom, European Commission’s DG Environment, Unit Eco-Innovation and Circular Economy
  • Primož Bernard

    Technical support for the center’s construction, Knauf Insulation
  • Domen Ivanšek

    Technical customer support, Knauf Insulation Slovenia