"The wish to raise awareness and educate the market motivated us to build the demonstration education center in accordance with the highest sustainable construction standards. As a result, we’ve upgraded the energy efficiency of our insulation solutions with the selection and expert implementation of comprehensive sustainable construction solutions.

The aim of the Knauf Insulation Experience Center is to expand the knowledge in the field of sustainable construction, and we are sincerely grateful to all of our partners that were able to recognise their own opportunities therein and helped us co-create this unique project.
Thank you!"

"We are happy to draw your attention to the successful cooperation within the Knauf group, namely the cooperation and partnership between Knauf Insulation and Knauf Ljubljana d.o.o. We support the construction of the Experience Centre in Škofja Loka and we also participated therein, since this is an unrivalled, state of the art centre in this part of Europe. From now on it will be much easier to tend to the needs of those who are in any way connected to the products of the Knauf Group. Now every member of the network, constructors, service providers and sellers alike, will have access to high-quality education. We are living in a time where climate changes are unpredictable and swift, so using sustainable construction techniques was also our humble contribution to the preservation of the environment. We also built in our own Knauf products, which are an integral part of this typology of objects. We sincerely wish for the Experience centre to blossom, so that all its visitors and users will gain from the valuable knowledge and ideas that it offers."

"The Knauf AMF company, the supplier of decorative ceilings, follows the guidelines of sustainable development and living. We believe in the importance of raising awareness and educating people regarding this topic, so when the Knauf Insulation company in Škofja Loka invited us to participate in their project of building a sustainable demonstration-education centre, we gladly accepted the invitation. Today we are proud partners of this project and we are looking forward to participating in the future activities of the centre."

"We are an indoor generation. Daylight is one of the most important aspects of our planet. It is a source of energy for all living beings and as such, crucial for the functioning of our organism. High-quality buildings, constructed according to guidelines of sustainable construction also include a carefully thought-through lighting concept with natural light, since this is the only way we can ensure exposure d to natural light even when we spend time indoors."

"The Sika company is dedicated to pursuing the idea of sustainable development. Sika does not perceive sustainability as a final goal, but rather as an ongoing process that should include society as a whole. Examples thereof include green roof systems, cold roofs and solar roofs which also contribute to a reduction of CO2 emissions. Sika offers a broad selection of both single-ply and multi-ply roofing systems for flat roofs with roof membranes or with liquid roofing membranes. The demand in this segment is influenced by the need for environmentally friendly, energy-saving systems. We decided for a partnership with Knauf Insulation Experience Centre because we have been building a mutual trust for years, and we are especially fond of the fact that Knauf Insulation, the largest Slovenian manufacturer of insulation materials and one of the largest Slovenian exporters, is a part of our shared success story."

"As designers of an open living space we are passionate about making aesthetic improvements of our daily surroundings, using concrete paving units, plates, walls and flower troughs. Our motto, "Passion for Paving”, sends a clear message to our partners and all of our employees are living this passion; a passion we also recognize in the Knauf Insulation company, the largest Slovenian manufacturer of insulation materials and one of the largest Slovenian exporters. This is a company with a large of pool of know-how, experience and dedicated, highly trained, highly motivated employees. We are proud to be a part of the Knauf Insulation Experience Centre`s success story."

"We are happy to participate in innovative projects, especially those concerning sustainable construction. We believe that, taking the programme into account, the Educational Demonstration Centre will serve its purpose excellently. At the same time this is also an excellent opportunity to present the TEM products. A wide range of design shapes, colours and functional elements enables their use in various environments, both in work and home settings. TEM switches and sockets are an indispensable part of the centre, making sure everything runs according to plan and remaining unnoticed in their reliability"

"The partnership in the project of constructing the Knauf Insulation Experience Centre in Škofja Loka is very important for our company. It is crucial for us as a manufacturer of fasteners for thermal insulation systems to constantly keep up with the latest trends of sustainable construction. We expect the Development Centre to play an important role in this regard, so that we can continue developing and manufacturing high-quality fastener systems for thermal insulation. The Development Centre will serve as a platform supporting the exchange of knowledge, competences and experience between partners in the field of insulation techniques"

"We opted for participation in the project since we share our affection for sustainable solutions. Moreover, we are also aware that sustainable solutions are not linked solely to energy efficiency and the environmental impact. We focus on the wellbeing and satisfaction of employees, as healthy and satisfied people seem to be much more effective and productive. We saw out cooperation as an opportunity to prepare comprehensive projects that offer optimal working and living environment, while complying the highest sustainability standards and guidelines.”

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