Sustainable Building

What is sustainable building?

We spend almost 90% of our time in buildings. They have a significant impact on our health, well-being, performance and safety. At the same time, buildings are a major consumer of energy and materials, and they also have environmental impacts and are expensive to maintain.

Sustainable building is one of the most effective ways of improving our lives and protecting the environment. It can effectively contribute to achieving global sustainability goals such as climate change, the creation of sustainable and prosperous communities and the promotion of economic growth.

The benefits of sustainable building are environmental, social and economic. It is therefore very important to build and renovate sustainably

Global goals for 

sustainable building

Within the 17 Global Objectives - Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), the United Nations has also presented aspects of how sustainable building contributes to the achievement of sustainable development goals, as can be seen from the three charts here on the link>.