Role of the Center

The Knauf Insulation Experience Center contributes, first and foremost, to the increased awareness of sustainable construction in Slovenia and Europe, as it builds on the criteria for the life cycle assessment of buildings. The experience we have gained through construction thus actively contributes to the efforts of the profession, aspiring to build environmentally and people-friendly buildings. It is also a guarantee that we will continue to develop quality products and solutions.

KIEXC is an excellent venue for a variety of events for diverse clients.

Located in Škofja Loka, the Knauf Insulation Experience Center is owned by Knauf Insulation.

Pioneering approach to the future of sustainable construction


The Knauf Insulation Experience Center (KIEXC) is a case study of sustainable construction on the European level. The building itself was designed from the very beginning to demonstrate our pioneering approach to the future of sustainable construction.

The center operates as a regional demonstration and training center, where we show our most innovative insulation solutions and examples of good practices of our partners in the area of sustainable construction.

Using our company’s most innovative solutions, from advanced insulation solutions with ECOSE, Green Solutions Urbanscape® to Heraklith Wood Wool, Knauf Gypsum, Knauf AMF and other partners products – we challenged ourselves to create the first new built green building in Slovenia to be fully certified by DGNB.

At the same time we took the unmissable opportunity to contribute research to the European Commission’s groundbreaking Level(s) pilot project – an initiative that many stakeholders, including Knauf Insulation, hope will pave the way for future Europe-wide building legislation.

This initiative from the European Commission is significant because it aims to ‘mainstream’ building sustainability by unlocking the data needed to understand the environmental, social and economic impact of buildings across their entire life cycle and provide that information in a universally accessible form. At present only 1% of buildings in Europe are sustainability assessed and those involved in Level(s) project want this process to become an integral part of the mass market.

Knauf Insulation as development partner

Opening of new Knauf Insulation Sustainability showcase on 22nd of November 2018 marks 60th anniversary of Slovenian plant.


KIEXC is a model and exemplary case of sustainable construction at the European level. It represents a pioneering approach to the future of sustainable construction and meets the various criteria of sustainable construction.
The Knauf Insulation Experience Center was planned with BIM methodology (Revit) and is constructed under the most strict DGNB Green building rating schemes.

The Center is the first Slovene new built building with DGNB Certificate. KIEXC is awarded with the highest certificate - Platinum DGNB certificate.

KIEXC is owner of ACTIVE HOUSE Certificate.

KIEXC is a Pilot project of sustainable construction for the European Commission, known as Level(s) - guidelines for sustainable construction.

And also a Pilot project for sustainable construction for the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning in Slovenia.

"We are delighted to observe this Knauf Insulation pilot project from initial design to final completion. This project represents a reality check for the application of new sustainability requirements in our country.”

Saša Galonja
Head of Construction Division Spatial Planning, Construction and Housing Directorate at the Slovenian Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning